NOBODY is a physical performance and research grounded in my personal experience of dissociation. Shortly put, dissociation can be described as an estrangement of the own body and reality, which causes physical, mental and social detachment.

NOBODY was part of Amsterdam Fringe Festival 2019

Concept, performance

Sophia van der Putten


Julia van der Putten


Cesi Denise Nolten

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ROMEO & JULIA (2017)

Moengo, Surinam

Theater performance with youngsters from Moengo.

By invitation from artist Marcel Pinas of KIBII foundation.

Created together with director Sanne Verkaaik.

PROJECT MOMENTUM (2014 - 2015)

Amsterdam, Almere, Netherlands

Dance and physical theater project with vulnerable youngsters.

A.o. mentally challenged girls, school drop-outs and a group of girls within a closed youth care institution.

AGORA (2013)

São Paulo, Brazil

Dance project with eleven young adults from the city centre and favelas.

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