NOBODY (2019)

PHYSICAL research

Lola is a fantasy…

With her body twisted and split, she struggles to balance reality and dream. In a last attempt to take control, she grabs her camera. Armed with the lens, she inspects her body parts and seduces the gaze of the others that just entered her world.


NOBODY is a physical and visually vivid performance grounded in the personal experience of dissociation of performer and dance-/theatre maker Sophia van der Putten. Shortly put, dissociation can be described as an estrangement of the own body and reality, which causes physical, mental and social detachment. As Lola, Sophia van der Putten alienates in an absurdist and theatrical fashion, the physical experience of sound, body, and environment. Through this she explores this dissociate state of being in relation to (female) body ownership, and the linked possibility of autonomy and ability to connect with others.

© 2019 by Sophia van der Putten. All rights reserved

© 2019 by Sophia van der Putten. All rights reserved