Paul Maheke

a fire circle for a public hearing (2019)

‘ Fire Circle for a Public Hearing seeks to consider how acts of visibility and invisibility serve to question the presence and absence of marginalised narratives in dominant histories, inviting visitors to assert their own understanding of possible pasts or futures.


Charlie Laban Trier, Loveday Smith

and Sophia van der Putten

Sound work

Sophie Mallett


Vleeshal Centre for Contemporary Art in Middelburg


Gunnar Meier Photograph


saskia mollen

haze (2018)

In short film Haze you meet an ambiguous figure. Disembodied from the self and alienated from the world. The body shifts between human and creature, conscious and unconscious, the obvious and uncanny. Wrapped in a second skin, like a layer, a membrane or a womb. The plastic disrupts the image, shields the flesh from the viewer and separates the figure from its surroundings.


Director | Camera | Edit

Saskia Mollen

Performer | Edit

Sophia van der Putten

Screened at

Delete TV 2019

Azores Fringe Festival 2019

cathrine andresen

enquiry desk (2017)

'Personal borders become evident in discomfort. By setting up situations that make this apparent, I want to create an awareness of personal space. I want to alter people's perception of their personal territories, while asking: "Who has access to this territory and who is in contol?"' - Catrine Andresen

At the Enquiry Desk the visitor is asked to evaluate an exhibition while being evaluated themselves. The interviews conducted are assumed to be market research for the exhibition. However, the intention of the dialogue between the interviewer and the visitor is to provoke discomfort; Andresen wants the visitor to feel evaluated and confronted as they are presented with both a hieracrchical situation, and their role within it.


Sophia van der Putten, Zofi Paczolay, Flore Muuse

Exhibitions 2017

FLAM FESTIVAL, Arti et Amiticae, Amsterdam

Rotterdam Contemporary Art Fair

Exhibitions 2016

Tømtehytta Contemporary Art Gallery, Oslo

East Wing, MA Studio for immediate spaces of the Sandberg Instituut at Burgerweeshuis, Amsterdam


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