When we are present in the body that is when we truly connect to ourselves. Through presence the possibility to feel things beyond the experience of separation, but as a whole, emerges. 

For the performer this means he stops thinking about the result. Fully engaged with the action he accepts what comes and reacts intuitionally.


"I am curious about the source of things. I want to know what’s happening inside, behind the outer phenomenon. What moves us? What do we hide and what prevents us from being vulnerable? I value the individuality of a performer and stimulate my students to make their own choices and push their barriers. Seeing people break their barriers and reach their core gives me a feeling of purpose."


We are capable of so much more then we realise. But to reach our possibilities we have to face what we are escaping from, we have to go beyond our own judgements. We have to accept that we might not feel good today. Or that we just don't know what we are doing. As Jonathan Burrows says in A Choreographer's Handbook (2010) "We usually don't know what we're doing."

We have to dare to be honest, to be vulnerable, to be. Just to be.

Only if we are present we can open the doors to the unknown.

Romeo & Julia (2017) at Moengo Festival, Suriname

the broadcasts starts at 7:08 min (we were no students)

"Dear Sophia, I want to thank you for your nice classes. You made me enthusiastic for dance again. I gained confidence and feel stronger. You are a good person to learn from and you inspired me."

- Elin, student of my Contemporary dance classes

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