• Misschien ben ik dan toch niets [That which I'm not] with Maarten Bos at Kas Keerweer, Amsterdam.



  • Residency at Perrontheater in Zwolle with Maarten Bos.

  • Holte [Cavity] with Maarten Bos at Festival De Oversteek


  • Physical solo NOBODY at Amsterdam Fringe Festival.

  • WILD with UITWAS at Café Theater Festival Utrecht.


  • GO HOME with Maarten Bos at University Theater Amsterdam.


  • LOS with UITWAS at Studio Single in Amsterdam.

Saskia Mollen & Sophia van der Putten -


As a performer I work with contemporary dance, physical theater and voice. Since 2018 I started working with text and sound, because I wanted to work with every aspect of my physicality. Discovering vocal work led me to new understandings of breathwork, internal space and movement dynamics.

I collaborate mostly with artists who work interdisciplinary, who engage in experiment and involve me as a performer in their research. The interaction with different (art) disciplines challenges me in finding new perspectives on my physical work. 


I’ve worked with a.o. choreographers Jesus de Vega, Branka Zgonjanin, multimedia-artist Paul Maheke, visual/performance artist Mette Sterre, visual artist/writer Keren Cytter.

Saskia Mollen & Sophia van der Putten - Haze (2018)

Short film screened at Delete TV